"At that moment He shows up.
Light walks into darkness.
An oasis appears in your desert.
Rescue comes to your crisis.
Yes, Jesus comes to your agony."

As a young man, Don Adamson was introduced to alcohol and drugs.  From there, he became deeply entrenched in the pornography industries near Chicago and Los Angeles as a creative designer, photographer and videographer.  The combination of porn, drugs and alcohol quickly bound him to a very dark, destructive side of life —until September 29, 1990 when he had an encounter with God.  As a result, he supernaturally walked away from the life that had bound him, and he has never looked back.  A life now fully surrendered to Jesus, Don has served in the Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Cuba, and has now settled in Haiti. 


His life as a missionary has been astounding, to say the least.  What many people do not know, however, is the “rest of the story”.  While in Haiti in the early 2000’s Don faced the most heart-wrenching, difficult circumstances of his life.  Many people would have broken under the pressures that he went through; but Don persevered; and from the fires of destruction, he emerged victorious.


The Jesus of My Agony is the recounting of Don’s time in the fiery furnace of trials.  It is a testimony of salvation, deliverance, calling, hope, victory...and yes, agony.  Recounting and paralleling the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego from Daniel Chapter 3, the resounding message of the book is that what Jesus did for Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego He did for Don; and He can—and will—do for everyone who believes in Him.  If you are struggling through your own personal trials and fiery furnaces, this book is for you.  It is hope for the hurting and life to all who believe.

© 2015 Don Adamson.  Acts 29 Missions, PO BOX 651 Vandalia, OH 45377

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